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We pride to declare that kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Vasco has secured first position in the JCI Competetion on 04th July 2015.The competetion was among 17 schools from all over vasco.Under the guidence of Mrs. Mridula Nagda.



 International Yoga Day

Date       :21-June-2015

Venue    :Kendriya Vidhyalaya No-2

Time       :8:00 am To 9:30 am

Duration: 1 hour 30 Minutes


Yoga a beautiful  science  gifted to mankind spreading the message of harmony and peace. The yoga session started in a quiet calm mood with a prayer, followed by Sukshma Vyayama to make the body flexible.

Asanas Performed.

1.       Tadasana.

2.       Vrikshasana.

3.        Ardhachakrasana.

4.       Trikonasana.

5.       Dandasana.

6.       Vakrasana .

7.       Shashankasana .

8.       Padmaasana.

9.       Pawanmuktasana.

10.   Naukasana.

11.   Bhujangasana.

12.   Shalabhasana.                                                                         


After performing asanas the students performed Pranayama to increase the oxygen level in their body.

Lastly they had a nice relaxing session with Shavasana.Session ended with chanting of omkaras.

Regular yoga session are held in the Morning Assembly to benefit the students with  healthy body & mind.




On  26th June 2015 “Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Eco Club” was inaugurated by respected Principal Mrs.Saroj Kujur by lighting the lamp and receiving plants from the students.. She mentioned about the importance of nature and biodiversity in the inaugural speech.

Madam also planted many Trees in school campus along with students and teachers.Our vidyalaya is also planning to create an Eco park which brings peaceful atmosphere.

As a part of Eco Club activity, 20 students of our vidyalaya participated in “Initiative Workshop” of ‘Project Search” programme, organized by TERI.

Selected Students implant s CLEAN SCHOOL programme in this vidyalaya.




On Dated 30/06/2015 Mrs.Saroj Kujur Principal has inaugurated the science club activities for new academic year 2015-16 by lighting the lamp. She delivered an inaugural speech by motivating the students to do science activities.


To understand ‘World around us’ students of class VIIIA, made instruments to measure wind speed, temperature,Precipitation,wind direction, pressure and started observing weather and climate in the school premises. There by we started one “weather station” in our school.