CMP Initiative

  CHECK LIST FOR 2nd Quarter (July to Sept) Status Report
A Teaching Learning Materials  
1 Is a list of TLM required for the month prepared by each subject teacher
and handed over to HM ?
2 Is advance as prescribed given to HM/Senior PRT every month? YES
3 Are the required materials purchased by HM/Senior PRT and distributed
to teachers?
4 Are stock registers and issue register maintained? YES
5 Is a register on preparation and use of TLM maintained in the resourrce room? YES
6 Is record of use of TLM maintained in Teachers Diary? YES
B Equipment in Resource Room  
1 Is the separate resource room for primary section functioning? YES
2 Is Heavy duty photocopier/Digital Duplicator made available exclusively for
Primary Section in working condition?
3 Is a register for the record of use of photocopier maintained? N/A
4 Is the LCD in working condition? No LCD
5 Is the colour TV in working condition? YES
6 Are the computers with internet in working condition? YES
1 Is a class library functioning in classes III to V YES
2 Is a separate cupboard arrangement made as per the requirement of CMP? Kept in box
3 No: of books added to class library during the quarter? YES
D Supervision and monitoring  
1 Is the supervision being carried out as per the requirement of CMP? YES
2 Is a record of supervision maintained by HM/Senior PRT? YES
3 Is any workshop conducted for all PRTs? YES
4 Are Tests/Exams conducted as per plans? YES
5 Is evaluation of the test/exam completed? Going to conduct
E Time Table  
1 Are block periods being used for activity based teaching? YES
2 Is contractual arrangement made for vacant PRTs? YES
F CCA, Sports and games, Health check, film Shows, Study Trips,-----  
1 Is the schedule of CCA for the session 2008-09 followed? YES
2 Are sports and games activities conducted house wise as per plan? YES
3 Is compulsory health check conducted during the quarter? Going to conduct
4 Is community lunch organised? YES
5 Are study trips organised? Going to organise
6 Is the CD/DVD player in working condition? YES
7 No: of film shows arranged during the quarter? YES
8 Special activities/ celebrations during the quarter? YES
9 Achievements of Primatry children at State/ National/International Level? Going to conduct
10 No of photographs of activities in Primary classes attached  YES
11 Grand Parents day organised? Going to organise
12 Are class magazines brought out? Under process
G Cluster level competitions  
1 Is cluster wise newsletter published? under process
2 Are cluster level CCA competitions conducted? Going to conduct
3 Are preparations made for celebrating Bal Diwas in a grand way? Going to conduct
4 Any Other? (Please describe briefly)  
H Names of KVs in the Cluster   
1 KV II Vasco  
2 KV I Vasco  
3 KV Bambolim  
4 KV Ponda  
5 KV Mandovi