Annual Report


 ANNUAL REPORT 2017 - 18
Presented by Mrs. Saroj Kujur, Principal, KV No.2, Vasco

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”- was the message of the great spiritual leader, Swami Vivekananda. K. V. No. 2, Vasco has been sincerely trying to fulfill the dreams of this great visionary by providing the right environment for all round development of the students throughout the year.

On the 28th Annual Day Celebration of our Vidyalaya, I feel proud to present before you, the annual report of the Vidyalaya, which highlights the saga of glorious achievements and accomplishments of our students. At the same time it also teaches us not to be satiated, and establish new bench marks through innovative methods of imparting education, so as to produce global citizens capable of facing challenges in this rapidly changing adapting and evolving world.

K.V.NO 2, Vasco has been consistently striving to synthesize change oriented technologies along with cultural values where educators act as facilitators to students in the teaching learning process. The Vidyalaya has registered a consistent improvement in all departments .The hard work put in by the teachers and the taught has paid the dividends. Academics make the core of school life. So it continues to be our fundamental concern.


As Samuel Johnson said “Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance”, it is with our perseverance and hard work that in the AISSE 2017, we secured 100% result in class X with nine students securing perfect 10 CGPA. Three of our teachers, Mrs. Lata Parakkot, Mrs. Sneh Gaur and Mr. Ansari received appreciation letter from Honourable Minister of HRD, Mrs. Smriti Irani for their industrious efforts in the field of teaching.  In AISSCE 2014 class Xll students have fared extremely well and we are quite happy to say that we could secure 100% result there also. Master Ashwin K. scored 95.6% of marks topping the Science Stream and he was also the topper in Chemistry in Goa state. Ms. Divya Rawat topped the Commerce Stream by securing 91%.I myself received a memento from K.V.S, Bangalore Region and certificate of appreciation from Commisioner, KVS and HRD Ministry for the assiduous efforts in accomplishing 100% result in AISSE and AISSCE 2017.


In the present demanding times, when the task of grooming students has become all the more challenging, education has to be holistic than just being an information centre of teaching and learning. Nurturing inherent talents and tapping potentialities of a child through co-scholastic activities has been the hall mark of our school.


Various Science activities were organized in the vidyalaya during this session .Natioanl Science Day was celebrated with great zeal conducting various activities in which children participated ardently. Science Exhibition and Van Mahotsav were other attractions. Under the proficient guidance of Mrs. Sheeba K.M., PGT (Bio) 04 students participated in 22nd Regional National Children’s Science Congress held at KV IISc, Bangalore and 05 students participated in the Regional Science Exhibition. We are immensely proud of Ma. S. Pradeep and Ms. Swetakshi Misra who got the prestigious chance to represent the KVS Bangalore Region at National level.


Social Science Department of the Vidyalaya witnessed great success in various fields in the last academic year. In the Cluster Level Social Science exhibition our school bagged second position in both Jharkhand dance and group song.   Our Skit in Hindi and debate both in Hindi and English were adjudged third at cluster level. We feel so proud that six of our projects and albums got selected to the National Level.


Students took active part in the various activities conducted by the Maths Department. 34 students of the Vidyalaya participated in the Junior Mathematics Olympiad held at K.V. Mandavi in the month of September. Maths Week celebration was made into a huge success by the active participation of students in various competitions like origami, poster making, speech etc.


A sound mind can exist only in a sound body.       With this aim in view, all steps are taken to encourage maximum number of students to actively involve themselves in sports activities. Services of expert coaches are also enlisted for this.

At the Regional Level Games and Sports Meet, 50 students participated in various iems and four of our students, Master Siddarth Singh, Master Aman Kandolkar, Master Mrinal Telang and Kumari. Prajakata were selected for the National Level. Master Mrinal added one more feather to the fame of K.V. No. 2 by achieving second position in Chess in the National Level.


The dream of Baden Powelcan be seen alive in the vidyalaya activities.  In order to inculcate the right value system among students and to help them to become responsible citizens, the Scouts and Guides Movement plays a very important role. This year 80 Scouts, 37 Guides, 82 Cubs and 53 Bulbuls have registered for this movement. Various activities like Investiture Ceremony, Testing Camps, Tree Plantation were organised. As part Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan 20 members of this movement volunteered to clean the Vasco railway Station premises. 05 Scouts attended the Pre-Rajya Puraskar Testing camp and Master Mitta Stanley has won the prestigious Rajya Puraskar.


With the aim of developing Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership and a Secular outlook the school resumed NCC last year with 50 cadets. 13 Cadets under the leadership of Mr. Amit Patil, TGT (Art) attended the Annual Training Camp held in Mapusa


Co-curricular activities are an integral part of our Vidyalaya. As always, this year was filled with lot of activities and celebrations, which have showcased the hidden talent of our students and the overwhelming support of our parents and teachers. Our commitment has been to ensure the overall holistic development of our students, thereby in addition to all our efforts to impart the best education. Students took part in many inter house competitions like declamation, elocution, group dance, group song, recitation, drawing & painting, skit etc.  All the school activities updates and photographs are shared in our website.


Guidance and counselling activities got a new impetus with the appointment of an educational counsellor in our school. Career talks on Defence services, engineering, etc were conducted as   part of career counselling. Students are also individually counselled for career, academic, emotional and behavioural issues.


The school offers German as third language to students of classes VI–VIII. 32 students were enrolled for German language in the academic year 2014-15.


rajaBaaYaa ihndI kao baZ,avaa donao ko ilae kond`Iya ivaValaya k`maaMk¹ dao maoM 14 isatMbar sao 30 isatMbar tk AnaokaoM kaya-k`ma Aayaaoijat ike jaato hOM.jaOsao¹ svaricat kivata laoKna Ê svaricat khanaI laoKnaÊ BaaYaNaÊ vaad¹ ivavaadÊ P`aSnaao%trIÊvaga-pholaI Ê dmasarad [%yaaid.yauvaa idvasa³ ivavaokanaMd jayaMtI´ mauMSaI P`aomacaMd ko janmaidna pr tqaa saI saI e ko AMtga-t caaraoM sadnaaoM ko baIca ihndI laGaunaaiTka ka Aayaaojana ikyaa jaata hO.[na P`aityaaoigataAaoM maoM P`aqama Ê iWtIya tqaa tRtIya sqaana P`aaPt krnao vaalao P`aitBaaigayaaoM kao P`aao%saahna hotu ]icat purskar BaI P`adana ikyaa jaata hO.ivaValaya sao haonao vaalao samast p~acaar tqaa kayaa-layaI kaya- AiQak sao AiQak saM#yaa maoM ihndI BaaYaa maoM hI ikyaa jaata hO.  

       rajaBaaYaa ihndI ko ]%kRYT kayaa-nvayana maoM P`aSaMsanaIya evaM P`aork yaaogadana ko ilae kond`Iya ivaValaya k`maaMk¹ dao kao dixaNa gaaovaa Ê nagar rajaBaaYaa kayaa-nvayana saimait Ê gaaovaa iSapyaaD- ilaimaToD Ê vaaskao¹ d¹ gaamaa Ê gaaovaa Wara “ narakasa rajaBaaYaa purskar” vaYa- 2014¹ 15 ka P`aqama purskar P`aaPt huAa hO. jaao ik ivaValaya pirvaar ko ilae A%yaMt KuSaI va hYa- kI baat hO.



To keep pace with the fast growing technology, the vidyalaya has well equipped computer labs. Every department has its own computer with internet.


Library is the centre of knowledge in the form of 7924 precious books & internet connection for proper functioning of e- library is most imminent feature of this institution. 29periodicals and 05 daily news papers are always available to keep the students abreast of present scenario. . Digitalization of the library has been done including bar coding. Our Vidyalaya library strives to be an interactive part in the school’s quest for all round excellence.


To ensure that healthy mind resides in healthy body, we see to health status of students. We have appointed a full time doctor and nurse who take care of sick children, they give talks on health and hygiene .We had a round of health check up in the Vidyalaya. All the students were covered in this programme.


To ensure that the students get some respite from their routine school activities educational trips are planned for all the levels right from primary to higher secondary level. The trips include visit to parks, dams, ancient temples etc.


Eco-Club plays important role in maintaining the cleanliness and conserving the environment by planting trees.


The National Adolescence Education programme has been implemented. Two of our teachers, Mr. Rathnashekhar, TGT (WET) and Mrs. Sneh Gaur have been given training for this programme. Talks were arranged for both students and parents to make them more aware of the growing problems of teenagers and the ways to curb them.

Besides these the school was also venue to the second Quarterly CMP, and Bal Mela. Our School is also chosen as the centre in Goa state for Udaan, an initiative by CBSE to mentor meritorious girl students for competitive examinations.


Our Vidyalaya has made noticeable improvement in the past few years. All efforts are made for the face lifting of the Vidyalaya. Computer labs are all functioning with broad band connections, LCD projectors and a fully air conditioned computer room. An Interactive board is also available in the Audio- Visual room. This year the Vidyalaya has also fitted CCTV cameras. Fully equipped Resource centre is available for primary section

It will not be out of place to mention the diligent efforts put in by my dedicated team of teachers and non-teaching staff. Vidyalaya result and all-round development is only because of sincere efforts of our teachers. Our honourable chairman, the members of Vidyalaya Managing Committee, Alumni Association and Parent Teacher Association have always extended their assistance in enriching the learning experiences of KV 2 Vasco, over the years. I thank you for your unstinted support.

I also believe all of us will not be satisfied with the present good performances, we will continue to work hard in studies, games and other areas so that we can make K.V.No 2 Vasco shine brighter in the days to come.

Before concluding, I’d like to emphasize yet again that it is only through collaborative effort that we can hope to create an educated dynamic modern India – where all men and women enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

I conclude with a quote.

 “The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done.” and this would be our constant endeavor.